Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My New Year Resolution Solved! well sort of :)

One of my new years resolutions was to have my photography website up and running.  (capturingtoday.com) I have been avoiding and putting this important task off because 
1. I am intimidated by technology.  (I'll admit it)
2. I'll have to face the hard work and time it takes to make my website perfect ~like it is in my mind~ and that intimidates me too!

Well, as fate has it, I injured my knee while trying to do a death defining stunt jump while skiing down  a black diamond!  wheee!
O.K, so I wasn't doing any fancy jumps and I wasn't on a black diamond when I fell, but it happened- I did injure my knee skiing!  Thank God I didn't break my knee, but I sprained it pretty good and it hurts-bad!   Ironically it was the only time I fell the entire time while skiing.. but like they always say, it only takes once!  Now I have all the precious time I need on my hands to create a website.. since doing simple tasks like mopping my floor and carrying laundry up the stairs are out of the question.  lol    So no excuses now, Jess!

First, I am creating this blog to showcase some of my photo shoots I take throughout this year.  I will start it off with a few pictures from some of my recent photo shoots from last month in Dec 2008.  
I am still working on my CAPTURINGTODAY.COM website.  Hopefully with all this new free time I'll have on my hands I will make some major progress soon.  Hope you all enjoy.

Take Care,

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  1. Welcome to the wonderful, addicting, fun world of blogging! You have a great blog already! I told you it was easy. :)
    Can't wait to see the website!


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