Thursday, November 12, 2009


It's time to book your Christmas card photo session with me!!  I have a really great offer this year and I'm really excited to help YOU have the best photo Christmas card yet! 

I am going to have a Christmas card photo session Event on Sat. Nov. 21st form 9-4:30.  
I will be booking 20 minute sessions in my studio for only $30!!!  For the first 12 people that book, I will include a complimentary photo snow globe that fits wallets on both sides!!

It gets even better!!  I believe in giving back to the community especially around the holidays, so I will have a "Toys for Tot's" box here and If you bring in a toy or warm winter apparel (hats, gloves) I will give you $5 off your session!  

Here's a couple samples of card templates I have:

My Cards will be 5X7's and you can purchase them in set's of 25 for $30 a set.   They include envelopes.  
I have many props and set's to choose from.  Come join us for some Christmas music, fun pictures and a Christmas cookie!

I will have an on-line viewing gallery where you can view your proofs.  I will also run holiday specials on my 4X6's , 5X7's and 8X10's!  to learn more call me at 465-4935

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Salvation Army Junkie!

I like to stop by the Salvation Army here and there in hopes of coming across a hidden treasure! What I mean by "hidden treasure" is a unique, vintage piece of furniture that would look amazing in my photographs. I think "old" things add so much character to my pictures.

Here is one of my favorite finds, a greenish-yellow Queen Ann chair. I was practically jumping up and down last yr. when I came across that!  

On my latest trip to the S.A. I came across this bench

I was so excited, this is the perfect size bench for my little subjects to sit in.
But it was not for sale!!!  It was "store property" only!!  :(
I found the manager and practically begged on my knees for him to sell me this bench.  He was firm on "NO".  I told him that the bench would have such a good home with me and would get a lot of use... still, "NO, not for sale"  I am the kind of girl that never gives up and I even promised him to replace it with a new bench.  He said, "sorry, mam, this bench is NOT for sale"  So I left.  As I was walking out to my car he ran after me telling me that he asked the "big boss" and she said "YES"!!  He said he could tell I really wanted that bench SO bad that he couldn't say, no!!
Here is the bench now, I painted it red this time for the Christmas holiday.  I plan on painting it a pastel color or white for Easter... the possibilities are endless, but for now it's red!

on the move.....



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Loads of fun!!

can you just hear her laugh??

Bridge pictures I do

sweetest day wedding

Modern tot


Big cousin, little cousin

Always safe in Mama's arms!

Harvest time!

I am updating my blog tonight!!!  I have been so busy that I am "extremely" far behind.  I won't be able to cover all my photo sessions, but I will show you a few highlights from the last month!  I might even journal around them after I am done uploading pictures!!!  Enjoy :)

check out those baby blues

This little chunk-a-monk has the cutest cheeks ever!

visit to the Horse farm

Can't decide on a picture? Do a photo collage!