Monday, June 6, 2011

A field of dreams

A field of dreams awaits you as you begin a new chapter in your life. Congratulations on your high school graduation. Dream big <3

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Here are a just a few of the many Christmas cards I designed this year!!

Christmas time.... "the most wonderful time of the year", or so they say!!  It can also be the most stressful time of the year, especially if your a busy photographer.  (similar to tax season for an accountant) Here is  a collection of some of the cards I created this year.
Please don't forget the real reason for the season.  I wish you ALL a very blessed Christmas and New Year.   ~Jessica

Thursday, November 12, 2009


It's time to book your Christmas card photo session with me!!  I have a really great offer this year and I'm really excited to help YOU have the best photo Christmas card yet! 

I am going to have a Christmas card photo session Event on Sat. Nov. 21st form 9-4:30.  
I will be booking 20 minute sessions in my studio for only $30!!!  For the first 12 people that book, I will include a complimentary photo snow globe that fits wallets on both sides!!

It gets even better!!  I believe in giving back to the community especially around the holidays, so I will have a "Toys for Tot's" box here and If you bring in a toy or warm winter apparel (hats, gloves) I will give you $5 off your session!  

Here's a couple samples of card templates I have:

My Cards will be 5X7's and you can purchase them in set's of 25 for $30 a set.   They include envelopes.  
I have many props and set's to choose from.  Come join us for some Christmas music, fun pictures and a Christmas cookie!

I will have an on-line viewing gallery where you can view your proofs.  I will also run holiday specials on my 4X6's , 5X7's and 8X10's!  to learn more call me at 465-4935

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Salvation Army Junkie!

I like to stop by the Salvation Army here and there in hopes of coming across a hidden treasure! What I mean by "hidden treasure" is a unique, vintage piece of furniture that would look amazing in my photographs. I think "old" things add so much character to my pictures.

Here is one of my favorite finds, a greenish-yellow Queen Ann chair. I was practically jumping up and down last yr. when I came across that!  

On my latest trip to the S.A. I came across this bench

I was so excited, this is the perfect size bench for my little subjects to sit in.
But it was not for sale!!!  It was "store property" only!!  :(
I found the manager and practically begged on my knees for him to sell me this bench.  He was firm on "NO".  I told him that the bench would have such a good home with me and would get a lot of use... still, "NO, not for sale"  I am the kind of girl that never gives up and I even promised him to replace it with a new bench.  He said, "sorry, mam, this bench is NOT for sale"  So I left.  As I was walking out to my car he ran after me telling me that he asked the "big boss" and she said "YES"!!  He said he could tell I really wanted that bench SO bad that he couldn't say, no!!
Here is the bench now, I painted it red this time for the Christmas holiday.  I plan on painting it a pastel color or white for Easter... the possibilities are endless, but for now it's red!

on the move.....