Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun with duckies

I love nursery rhymes.  It's always fun when I find a place for one in my photos.  Enjoy!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring Communion

It was such a joy to work with this adorable family on the morning of their son's First Holy Communion.  He was all handsome dressed in white and his little sister was as cute as a button.  I had no problems getting smiles out of these happy children.  Enjoy these shot's I took of them on the golf course at the Hall where they celebrated this special event.  They were also blessed with a gorgeous day...

Happy 90th Birthday Grandma!!

Born in Scotland, Agnes Corion came to the U.S.A on a boat when she was just 9 years old.  She is the story teller in the family and has many fond memories growing up and has shared many interesting stories that I never get tired of hearing.  May 9, 2009 this amazing woman turned 90.  She is still energetic and full of life- as she doesn't even have a handicap parking pass.  She still is winning at cards and making feisty little comments that surprise us all!  I think the secret to living to 90 is drinking 2 pot's of coffee a day.  There has never been a moment, not even on a hot summer day, that I haven't seen her with a cup of coffee in her hand!  They say coffee is not good for you, but I wonder???  I love our Grandma and I am happy to display her photo that I took of her on her 90th b-day on my blog.  Taking pictures of babies is one of my passions, but I also love to capture the character and definition in an elderly person.  This is true beauty.

Girl Scouts shine like stars!

Besides being a Mom, housewife and photographer, I am also a Girl Scout Leader!  I have had the honor and privilege to work with these girls for 5 years now!  I am one of 3 leaders and we have always had a very large troop (one year we had 30).  I have watched these girls bloom from Daises to Brownies and blossom from Brownies to Juniors.  I will always cherish this special time I spent with these wonderful girls.  It has been a real treat to get to know them and their parents.. They are a true blessing to my life and always brighten my day every other Thursday.  I love them all and will miss the girls who are moving up to Cadets next year.   Girls thank you for the wonderful memories, sweet smiles and warm hugs.
Love Ms. Jessica

Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold.

She's 5!!

This little girl is very special to me.  She is my God child.  It is hard to believe that she is 5 already.  It seems like just yesterday she was a baby.  Happy 5th Birthday J.  This is the year you will be getting on the big yellow bus to go to school.  I hope you enjoy this special year!

A Growing Family Is A Blessing To All

One of the many reasons why I am in love with photography is for capturing moments like these.  These are the moments worth capturing and these are the moments that will be treasured for a life time.  Look how proud the big sister and big brother are to welcome their new baby sister into their family.  May God always bless this family as they continue to grow.

He was just the baby of the family until he became a big brother.  Look how proud he is to pass that title down to his new baby sister.
Although girls seem to have more accessories than boy's for their First Holy Communion, boy's can have nice things too.  Like pins, a gold cross, a rosary, etc...   But most importantly  a cute little dimple to highlight his cute smile.

He looks so sweet and innocent praying, but I know he's really probably praying for the photo shoot to be over so he can get out of his suit!  It's not fun to be in a suit in a park with swings!!