Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Salvation Army Junkie!

I like to stop by the Salvation Army here and there in hopes of coming across a hidden treasure! What I mean by "hidden treasure" is a unique, vintage piece of furniture that would look amazing in my photographs. I think "old" things add so much character to my pictures.

Here is one of my favorite finds, a greenish-yellow Queen Ann chair. I was practically jumping up and down last yr. when I came across that!  

On my latest trip to the S.A. I came across this bench

I was so excited, this is the perfect size bench for my little subjects to sit in.
But it was not for sale!!!  It was "store property" only!!  :(
I found the manager and practically begged on my knees for him to sell me this bench.  He was firm on "NO".  I told him that the bench would have such a good home with me and would get a lot of use... still, "NO, not for sale"  I am the kind of girl that never gives up and I even promised him to replace it with a new bench.  He said, "sorry, mam, this bench is NOT for sale"  So I left.  As I was walking out to my car he ran after me telling me that he asked the "big boss" and she said "YES"!!  He said he could tell I really wanted that bench SO bad that he couldn't say, no!!
Here is the bench now, I painted it red this time for the Christmas holiday.  I plan on painting it a pastel color or white for Easter... the possibilities are endless, but for now it's red!


  1. Love the bench....sooo cute!!!!
    And the kiddos too :-)

  2. COOL bench, and chair! I need to go shopping with you! I never find anything good :(


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